Production & Post-Production

The visual and communication aspects are more important every day
in a fast-moving contexts like that of new technologies and the Web.
Our strong point is the ability to offer a 360° service, providing all the roles necessary to accomplish a project, from planning to the realization of the final product: directors, authors, DOP, locations of the highest prestige, logistics, production, technical execution, pose sets or virtual sets, aerial or underwater shots with all the necessary authorizations, post-production and final export of the audiovisual product.


Innovative and avant-garde products, that highlight the goals of our clients, providing, in complete synergy with them, multiple services of production and post-production, technology supply and
technical assistance in the various production sectors.

Video Corporate

QBell – Spot TV
Televisions QBell – Spot TV 30′
Client: Futura Grafica per QBell
Crediper Auto – Spot TV
‘IT’S UP TO YOU’ – Crediper Auto – SpotTV 30′
Client: The Big Fusion per BCC – Crediper
BCC Taranto – Spot TV
Spot of the territory – BCC di Taranto – Spot TV 30′
Client: The Big Fusion per Gruppo Bancario ICCREA


The industrial sector represents the development of all countries which, thanks to research, new technologies and discoveries,
keep transforming and updating their production systems, adapting them to the international competition.

The history, values and know-how every agency has developed through the years can be used to create new projects. They follow the instructions and pursue the objectives of every single client, taking care of processing steps, security and environmental protection from design to the final product.

Such inspection could be carried out independently, following the instructions, or in coordination with an on-site technical director. In highly sensitive cases, it might be performed via live streams with the supervisors and specialized staff, with the support of the operations center, in order to directly instruct the operator.

Site inspection by specialized staff will be supported by modern technology
such as diving and aerial equipment, in order to reach areas of difficult access that could otherwise only be reached facing huge costs.


Medical research is a constantly evolving industry.
Communication has always played a role of primary importance in the dissemination of research results, and it is spread by scientific and educational promotion, training courses, advertising and events.